Biggest Quantity Of A Group Of Pvc Stabilizers

Currently, lead salt stabilizer is still the magnesium stearate biggest quantity of a group of stabilizers. In such products, a product could be created into powder, granular, flake and pellets can melt down and so on. “One bundle” kind products will probably exist between additive synergies, therefore enriching the stabilizing effect, and eliminates the requirement for cumbersome to figure out the amount of the support to ease the user’s use and storage, but also decrease the waste of resources and environmental pollution . Lead salt heat stabilizer lower than the average growth rate of demand increase or negative growth tendency, while the tribasic lead sulphate complex (especially non-toxic Ca / Zn) heat stabilizers demand growing faster than average growth rate, the reason is that strict environmental regulations worldwide oriented, national interest to the environment due to human survival. Due to the global limitation toxic heavy metal salts in the PVC stabilizer processing uses, products hastened restructuring, new goods, new formulas developed very effective.

pvc stabilizer

The traditional single lead salt powdered, granular single lead salts and crisp like just one lead salt, the latter is to remove both powdered lead salts in the generation and application of lead salts of dust pollution, enhance security creation. But in terms of lead salts of lead oxide content, it’s no longer just about 90%, but to develop in the direction of n-butyl stearate low lead content and low toxicity. At present, foreign direct synthesis reaction has discontinued production made of lead salt available on the market stabilizer, tribasic lead sulfate, dispersing after surface treatment are the great operation of these products or with a combination of other additives.

As nations PVC Processing AID technology, gear, and extrusion rates increase, and global increasingly rigorous environmental demands of the thermal stabilizer more rigorous demands, heat stabilizers general trend is to the non-(low) lead , cadmium, low dust, compound efficiently and simply dispersed way, to environmental protection, the development of specific kind.

Another focus of development is the set of stability, lubricity, oxidation resistance, UV resistance and flame resistance in one, made of composite stabilizer. Multiple composite “one package” type products become market development.


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