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Pvc Lubricants Reduce the Melt Viscosity

Current PVC plasticizers made broad usage of plastic vocational, primary substance used in PVC cable, PVC film, PVC profiles, PVC hose, Plasticizer for PVC artificial leather, doors and windows sealed, other plastic film, plastic sandals, foam sandals, paint, adhesive, decoration materials, carpeting, car mats, yoga balls PVC Lubricants strengths in regions for example PVC plasticizers… Continue reading Pvc Lubricants Reduce the Melt Viscosity

PVC Lubricants · PVC Stabilizers

Additives Needed in PVC Formulations

PVC is not an exception in the group of polymers when it comes to requirement of additives. Even PVC needs the use of additives. For rigid PVC mixtures, the additives include PVC stabilizers, PVC modifiers, and PVC lubricants. For flexible PVC plasticisers are used to gain flexibility. Hydrogen and chlorine in the molecules are removed… Continue reading Additives Needed in PVC Formulations